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The Temptation comic — LAUNCHED AND FUNDED!

Hi Everyone, 

The Kickstarter was launched and completed for my graphic novel The Temptation, through Fishcoinpress!

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform to get projects off the ground through people pledging to purchase products on the completion of the project.  And it’s a great way for supporters and the community of people who love art projects like this – in other words, you can be part of making this comic happen!

Fishcoin Press launched the Kickstarter campaign on Friday 2 Sept. And within 24 hours, the project had already been funded the minimum amount required for publication, $3000 USD! The kickstarter ended with almost $5000 USD of funding, and soon books and other rewards (prints, foils, original art) will be arriving at supporters homes, ready for Christmas.

This is an incredible response, and tells us that people really want to see and support this graphic novel — so thanks to all the people on this mailing list who have already pledged money towards this project! You can watch the video below which was created by the Fishcoin team, and I think its pretty cool! 

“We are thrilled to present THE TEMPTATION, a new, immersive comic, on Jesus’ experience in the wilderness. Covering the period of Jesus’ baptism and temptation, as narrated in Matthew 3-4, THE TEMPTATION also incorporates other passages of scripture to explore the full range of the devil’s testing. Reading the comic, we feel the suffering and the struggle of Christ, together with his determination and his ultimate decision for obedience to God.

Plus, Simon’s art is just wild.

The Temptation book is 72 pages long, and will be 7.5 x 11.5 inches and perfect bound. The cover stock will be matte laminated with spot UV gloss varnish and 3-inch gatefold flaps. The exclusive Kickstarter edition will have the title in red foil on the cover.

Images that have come throuigh from the publisher show the books being put together in prepration to being sent out:

“We have big hopes for this comic—for all the readers it will bless, for its impact on Christian publishing, for its contribution to a renewal of biblical image-making.

 But we also do this because of the joy it brings—for us the creators, publishers and for you the reader. Simon and all of us at Fish Coin Press hold a high view if scripture and the powerful message of the gospel. We also believe art, story, and the process if making art itself was design by God for enjoyment. We have so much fun making these books. And we are so grateful we get to do it.”

The kickstarter is finished, but copies of The Temptation graphic novel will soon be available to purchase. Please get in touch with me if you are interested, and I will send you out information on how to buy a copy or two. Can’t wait for you to read it! Simply email me at