God planted a garden

‘God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed.’ Genesis 2.8

God is a gardener. In fact the bible is full of references to gardens. God’s nature is to create and grow new things. This painting captures the creative moment of that planting of Eden, and hints at God’s foreknowledge of all that would happen in the garden of Eden. In the garden the beauty of God given life would be on grand display. In the garden sin would show its face through the fall of man, and a blood sacrifice that would be required. The blood of God himself would be given for the salvation of humanity.

There is a high level of detail in this piece, which works perfectly for a high quality RGB Giclee print. Detail shot below:

An illustration speaks to the viewer in a unique way. Discovering an idea, developing a thesis, planning a working strategy, research and mapping materials and dimensions are all essential to developing something new.

Once the illustration is planned I use a combination of digital and traditional methods to implement the design, and create a painting that speaks to the viewer.

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