THe Temptation Comic


The Temptation graphic novel is about Jesus’s temptations by the Devil in the wilderness, as described in the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. I wanted to explore the process of spiritual conflict, the themes of Jesus’s struggle with the Devil, and his journey of transformation in the most challenging situation – namely being tempted and attacked by the armies of darkness.

The Temptation graphic novel is being published by Fishcoin Press, a wonderful christian publisher based in the USA.

Copies of the comic will be available soon from the fishcoin press website, or if you are purchasing within New Zealand or Australia, please get in touch with me directly.


A few snapshots from The Temptation 

Commission a comic like this

I am sometime available to work on bigger projects, like a comic. If you have plans for a comic and have set a budget and a publication plan, I am open to talk about the possibility of working with me if it suits my style and goals. Please get in touch!