THe Temptation



Rarely is a graphic novel adaptation of a Bible story so infused with magic—THE TEMPTATION is a glorious example of visual storytelling. This book uses color, metaphor (and monsters!) to fill the viewer with the mystical reality of God’s Son walking the Earth. Filling in the missing story behind Christ’s 40 days of temptation is a weighty challenge that Fletcher handles with great care and skill. The adaptation never succumbs to the casual trope of turning Jesus into an MCU superhero with magic powers, but also invites us to imagine how the fullness of his glory might really appear. In this story, Jesus is made of flesh and bone, with sandel and sash—but he is and also is a powerful mystery—a mearcstapa fighting battles between worlds …but faith in his father God is the only weapon needed.
– John Hendrix
New York Times Bestselling Author and Illustrator of The Faithful Spy and Miracle Man

An impressive piece of cartooning – really fluid and powerful. Bravo!

— Dylan Horrocks
Hicksville, Bat Girl

The Temptation graphic novel is about Jesus’s temptations by the Devil in the wilderness, as described in the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. I wanted to explore the process of spiritual conflict, the themes of Jesus’s struggle with the Devil, and his journey of transformation in the most challenging situation – namely being tempted and attacked by the armies of darkness.

The Temptation graphic novel is published by Fishcoin Press (2023), a wonderful publisher based in Richmond, USA.

The graphic novel is avaliable for preorder from the fishcoin press website, or if you are purchasing within New Zealand please get in touch with me directly.


A few snapshots from The Temptation 

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